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Flint Hills Frontiers Report: August

The Frontiers Summer Summit brought together stakeholders from all across the region. Sleeves were rolled up and goals gave way to strategies for putting the vision of the Flint Hills Frontiers into action.  Held in the beautiful and historic Emporia public school Board Room, on July 10th, the Summer Summit unveiled the Frontiers Vision and challenged attendees to prioritize the Issue Area goals and begin developing strategies that can help local governments and regional partners develop a Toolbox of solutions for the future of the Flint Hills. Please, take part in the Frontiers Summer Summit breakout session discussion continue on-line at the Flint Hills Frontiers (

The Flint Hills Economic Development District Formation held kick-off meetings for the nine Working  Groups, with regional stakeholders discussing the assets and challenges facing the region. Over one hundred area professionals were invited to participate on Working Groups in Agriculture, Amenities, Bio-Ag, Brand Identity, Education, Government & Military Affairs, Manufacturing, Tourism and Workforce.  These Working Groups will define goals and strategies for each of the focus areas, adding more depth and perspective to the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which will guide the region’s economy for the next five years.

The Working Group meetings continue at 3-5PM, July 30th & 31st and finish August 13th & 14th. If you have an interest in any of the Work Group areas, listed above, please contact our offices or join us at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. All Working Group materials and reports can be found at our

Frontiers staff continues to work with regional economic development professionals to develop the Flint Hills Regional site selection tool. Offering companies, industries and site selectors a one-stop location for prospective and available properties in the region will put the Flint Hills on a competitive footing with other areas in the state, nation and globally. The Frontiers project has also worked with local professionals to attain access to a new source of economic information, the Economic Modeling Specialist International tool (EMSI) aggregates over 90 data points, from national to local information sources, to give economic professionals new tools for investigating workforce planning, career path mapping and industry cluster analysis. This new tool will inform the CEDS process and provide regional economic professionals with a valuable source for studying the ever-changing economic landscape.

Please continue to look to the Frontiers Forum and the Frontiers website for opportunities to participate on-line and in person. It is also the



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