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Economic Opportunity


Complete the Flint Hills Regional Commercial/Industrial Site Selection tool

To learn more about the status of this tool contact the Flint Hills Regional Council

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Tool Information


  1. Amenities
  2. Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Marketing
  5. Jobs


The newly formed Flint Hills Economic Development District is working on a region wide tool that is built upon the tool developed by Pottawaomie County and LocationOne Information Services (LOIS) that demonstrates sites that are shovel-ready for development and allows prospective businesses to compare sites and see many options that are available in one place. This tool also allows potential developers to understand the amenities within the area in terms of water ways, housing for workers, railways etc. Finishing this tool and expanding on the property owners who use this will help to show synergies between developments and help to concentrate development in places where there are mutual benefits. It also will allow communities to plan and influence where agricultural or ecological preserves might benefit from protection from development.


To attract local industries and commercial enterprise to the Flint Hills Region it is helpful to provide a tool or resource that lists and compares all the commercial properties, industrial sites and land that is available to purchase for development purposes.  If ideal sites are identified it is possible to recruit potential development. 

 This will make it easier for property owners to understand the fair market value of their properties and can guide development in desirable areas.  These tool map commercial real estate amenities and help to show potential synergies between sites that may be clustered in a particular area to mutual benefit.  This can help to increase the density of development, reduce infrastructure expenses and help to establish employment centers

Additional Information


LOIS provides a comprehensive site and building database system critical to our economic development partners success. Due to the affordability, quality and functionality of the system, MidAmerican works to ensure communities implement and maintain its use by providing it at no cost. This is made possible by the lowest, unmatched costs by the system provider. 

Implementation Strategy

Champions and Partners

  • Flint Hills Economic Development District
  • MidAmerican Energy, Location One
  • Pottawaomie County


Short (1-3 years)



Cost Details

  • Administrative costs to build and maintain the database of properties
  • Software and services
  • Legal advice

Funding Sources

  • Partnership with MidAmerican to acquire software and database

Implementation Details

A brief outline of the first few steps necessary for implementation are provided. The steps outlined here are provided only as a suggested starting point and other approaches are certainly valid.

  • Identify the champions within the Flint Hills Economic Development District
  • Create the tool using Pottawaomie County as a template
  • Populate the tool with data
  • Maintain the tool actively
  • Collect feedback and improve the effectiveness of the tool over time


Case Study

Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation Site Tool

Thanks to our partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce and Kansas Economic Development Alliance, Pottawaomie County has partnered with LocationOne Information Services (LOIS) to create a Site Selection Tool. The County works rigorously to update available commercial and industrial properties as well as available land. 


This tool is a great model that could be built upon and expanded.