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Cultural Systems


Create Flint Hills Cultural Tours

Contact the Flint Hills Regional Council for more information about creating cultural tours.

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Tool Information


  1. Celebrate Culture
  2. Youth
  3. Arts


Develop coordinated events, programs and bus tours around themes such as: tribal paths across the Flint Hills, county fairs, music tours, stone wall tours etc. with local historians, ranchers, ecologists, artists, and musicians at each stop to share the many perspectives of the Flint Hills.


There are many cultural events and sites throughout the year and throughout the Flint Hills.  The key and missing element for the region is the linking of these individual treasures into a network of mutual support and benefit.    Any time it is possible to coordinate events, to map multiple points of interest or to and to encourage visitors attending a special event to veer off the beaten path to discover more of the regions cultural life, this will help to sustain and support all these cultural opportunities.  By showing more of what the Flint Hills has to offer, visitors and residents will continually discover more to explore and begin to develop annual favorites that become an important part of their cultural interactions with the Flint Hills.  This builds a sense of identity within a community and a region and helps to create a sense of belonging to a place.  

Additional Information

Native Stone Scenic Byway in Kansas


The byway traverses the eastern Flint Hills for 48 miles along K-4 and K-99 offering visitors glimpses of rural Kansas life.

Image 1 Photo by Kansas Tourism, 2012


CC:  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)



 The Heart of the Flint Hills Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association

Image from the Santa Fe Trail Association

Chapter 2 The Heart of the Flint Hills


Native Stone Scenic Byway in Kansas


The Flint Hills Quilt Trail


County Fairs in Kansas


National Parks Services Organized Group Tours of the Flint Hills


Flint Hills Folklife Festival


Symphony in the Flint Hills


Implementation Strategy

Champions and Partners

  • Travel Kansas
  • Kansas Parks and Recreation
  • Kansas Nature Conservancy
  • Kansas Department of Commerce
  • Kansas Economic Development Alliance
  • Kansa Rail-Trail Conservancy
  • Sunflower Rail-Trails
  • KDOT
  • Symphony in the Flint Hills
  • Flint Hills FolkLife Festival
  • Native Stone Scenic Byway


Short (1-3 years)



Cost Details

  • A dedicated staff member within an convening organization to create the initial maps
  • Graphic design, printing, and website services in order to incorporate in each partner agency's website
  • After the initial map is completed, it will likely need to be updated biannually, if not quarterly

Funding Sources

The Chickadee Check off program funds wildlife programs and endangered species programs


Tourism marketing grants: Kansas Department of Commerce

  • This grant was developed to assist Destination Marketing Organizations, tourism communities, and travel industry businesses with first time marketing and promotion activities. Funding through this partnership is intended to increase travel to tourism destination sites while enhancing the state’s image.


Recreational Trail Program grants

  • The grant program provides eighty percent matching funds, on a reimbursement basis, for eligible recreational and trail-related projects.


Kansas Tourism Division Attraction Development Grants

  • This grant reimburses up to 40% (not to exceed the amount awarded) of actual expenditures for a single grant project. Eligible projects and activities include technology-interactive exhibits and website development or enhancement, and out-of-state marketing or comprehensive regional marketing for a new attraction, event or festival.

Implementation Details

A brief outline of the first few steps necessary for implementation are provided. The steps outlined here are provided only as a suggested starting point and other approaches are certainly valid.

  • Designate a convening organization such as Travel Kansas and develop a budget for the project
  • Raise funds and hire staff
  • Identify and outreach existing cultural organizations
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for new tours or businesses to support the events, programs and tours
  • Create maps and online resources to link existing events and help visitors to take advantage of a variety of opportunities to explore
  • Update and maintain the resources several times a year and expand the opportunities for synergies between cultural amenities with each year   

Case Study

Flint Hills Vacations

The mission of Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, is to provide guests with authentic Flint Hills experiences at their own pace through collaborative customization of offerings with its member organizations. Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, will be structured to manage the marketing and promotion of the Flint Hills equestrian tourism and recreation activities jointly with lodging facilities, food service providers from fine dining to chuckwagon fare, hiking, biking, entertainers, artists, and everything to do with equestrian tourism, such as ranches, riding accessories and wranglers, and anyone who wants to benefit and contribute to the viability of tourism and recreation in the Flint Hills. This will be a quality controlled, membership driven venture that will assure the adventurous traveler the best the Flint Hills of Kansas has to offer.


From Flint Hills Vacations LLC website

Image is taken from the Flint Hills Vacations LLC website.


This case study provides one example of linking multiple partners to provide an authentic, high quality, Flint Hills experience for tourists who would like to learn more about the culture and the land of this unique place.