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Natural Systems


Create a Flint Hills Speakers Bureau at the Discovery Center

Contact the Flint Hills Regional Council for more information about creating a Flint Hills speakers bureau at the Discovery Center

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  1. Awareness
  2. Education
  3. Civic Engagement


Conservation of our Tallgrass natural system depends on educating people about the importance of the prairie. Unless people understand prairie ecosystems, they will not preserve them. A Flint Hills speakers bureau could be established at the Discovery Center or at one of our colleges or universities. Organizations interested in booking a speaker or a prairie education program could make arrangements through the clearing house. The clearing house could also be an electronic repository of Flint Hills information. A web site with links to organizations and individuals offering Flint Hills learning opportunities should be available and easily accessible. Create a local TEDx event with the region's best minds on a variety of topics to result in a series of educational videos that can feed cultural curricula materials.


Fundamental to understanding how to best live, work, and play in the Flint Hills is understanding how its natural forces function -- soils, water, wind, and wildlife.  Raising awareness of these forces and how they operate and interact will help us all to make the best possible land use decisions.

Additional Information

Implementation Strategy

Champions and Partners


Short (1-3 years)



Implementation Details

A brief outline of the first few steps necessary for implementation are provided. The steps outlined here are provided only as a suggested starting point and other approaches are certainly valid.

  1. Discuss speakers bureau with potential hosts and identify willing host.
  2. Identify qualified speakers and get permission\engage in serving as a speaker.
  3. List speakers and contact information on-site; cross-link to flinthillsfrontiers.org

Case Study

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Section of the Ecological Society of America

The EJ Section is a diverse group of ecologists committed to promoting and facilitating the involvement of all ecologists in advancing EJ through education, research and public engagement.   Bringing one particular focus with communities of faith, it has assembled a Scientists’ Speakers Bureau and bios of scientists who will be involved.


One example is working with Coptic priests in Ethiopia, leading a workshop on Ecosystem Services in January of 2013.  The Church Forests of Ethiopia project can be browsed in more detail at treefoundation.org.

YouTube Preview Image

They have also put together support materials for ESA members to better work with communities of faith.



TEDx events are their own case study.  Preview the range of videos at: