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Cultural Systems


Expand the reach of the Fort Riley Cultural Exhibit

Contact the Flint Hills Regional Council for more information about expanding the reach of the Fort Riley cultural exhibit.

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Tool Information


  1. Celebrate Culture
  2. Education
  3. Tourism


Develop an exhibit that could travel or be open to visitors on the military base that shares the role that Fort Riley has had in preserving the prairie, regional culture, and history.

Image credit: Woody Hibbard

Implementation Strategy

Champions and Partners

Riley County Historical Museum

Flint Hills Discovery Center

The United States Calvary Association

U.S. Calvary Museum

Kansas Travel & Tourism


Short (1-3 years)



Funding Sources

Kansas Historical Society

Kansas Corporation Commission

Kansas Preservation Alliance

Kansas Department of Commerce

Kansas Humanities Council

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area

Implementation Details

A brief outline of the first few steps necessary for implementation are provided. The steps outlined here are provided only as a suggested starting point and other approaches are certainly valid.

Case Study

Hoofbeats in the Heartland: Civil War Cavalry in Tennessee

Image by Chris Desmond

The Hoofbeats in the Heartland: Civil War Cavalry in Tennessee is an exhibit that travels across the state. The exhibit uses photos, graphics and artifacts to interpret the history of the Civil War. The seven themes the exhibit focuses on are troopers, horse and mules, occupation and the homefront, spies, scouts, partisans and guerillas, battles in Tennessee and the war's legacy.


Fort Riley's history of the U.S. Cavalry can be explored through a traveling exhibit, that could visit  schools, universities, and  museums across the state of Kansas.