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What is Flint Hills Frontiers?

Flint Hills Frontiers is an opportunity to come together and explore the future of our homeland. Over the next three years, we, the people of the Flint Hills ecoregion, have the chance to establish our priorities and desired future, and set a path to getting there. The project came to be through a collaborative application to the federal government for funds to carry out this work by many organizations throughout the Flint Hills. These organizations, which we are calling the Stakeholders, have also pledged their own commitment toward the effort, through in-kind services, facilities, and dollars. The impetus for the application for these funds was twofold: the recognition of the Flint Hills ecoregion as a unique and special place within this nation, and the benefit that can be gained through a collaborative process of sharing where we are, where we want to be, and how we're going to get there in the short- and long-term futures.

How will we get this done?

The priorities of the region come from you. A core planning team, led by the Flint Hills Regional Council, will facilitate and convene interest groups across the region to collect information and aspirations and study possible strategies to accomplishing your goals. The strategies that come from these meetings will be assembled for your consideration and decision. The new connections formed during this process will result in a greater capacity to achieve the results you envision. The path forward is paved by the commitment of all participants in programs, projects, and policy-making identified through this process.

Who is paying for this?

The Stakeholders won a competitive grant of nearly $2 million from the Office of Sustainable Housing & Communities of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. These resources have been made available to the Flint Hills to provide expertise and coordination that is not normally available to help advance local goals and address local priorities at no cost to the communities. There is no predetermined outcome specified for this funding – you determine what will strengthen your community!

What if different communities disagree?

We can all agree that we need food for our families, good jobs, excellent education choices, and a healthy environment to live in. Let's work together to determine a regional direction for the future, with the understanding that what works for one county or community may not work for another. The unique position of each community and county will influence the identification of common goals and action items to share with the region. Communities should select action items that are most pressing to them in order to reach their goals. The core planning team acknowledges and respects the positions of individual communities in this very diverse region.

How can I get involved?

Help build the vision of Flint Hills Frontiers! Share your thoughts, concerns, and priorities. Identify community needs and priorities across the region. Encourage your organization to join the Stakeholders. Attend workshops, visit our website, or get involved with a research committee on a topic that matters to you and your community. Email or call us at 855-785-FHRC. Your voice is an important one!

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