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About the Flint Hills Frontiers Project

What does the Flint Hills Frontiers hope to accomplish?

We hope to find new ways to make our communities more vibrant. To start this conversation, Flint Hills Frontiers will form collaborative connections between stakeholders, issue experts, and individuals around the three main topics described below.

Economic Vitality

The Flint Hills is a unique asset to Kansas and northern Oklahoma which can be leveraged to help sustain the economic viability of its smaller towns and outlying agricultural lands, while also ensuring the continued vibrancy of its more urban areas.

National Defense

Fort Riley is a critical asset to national defense. By avoiding habitat degradation elsewhere in the Flint Hills, encroachment into Fort Riley's training area can be avoided and its overall mission can be preserved.

Cultural & Natural Resource Preservation

The Flint Hills contains history, heritage, cultures, and ecology found nowhere else in the world, and to sustain its people, economies, and ecosystems, careful and balanced stewardship of these resources is called for.

Who is working on this?

A number of cities, counties and organizations have already committed to working together on the Flint Hills Frontiers and this is our inaugural Stakeholders. We are looking for more partners from every community of this region and we need your help in order to get this right. There are many different ways for you to be involved as a Stakeholder, a technical advisor, or a passionate community member. Please see the last question for a description of volunteer opportunities and contact information.

How will we get this done?

The priorities of the region come from you. A core planning team will facilitate and convene interest groups across the region to collect information and aspirations and study possible strategies to accomplish your goals. Options for accomplishing your goals will be assembled for your consideration and decision. The new connections formed during this process will result in a greater capacity to achieve the results you envision. The path forward is paved by the commitment of all participants in programs, projects and policy-making identified through this process.

Who is paying for this?

The Stakeholdersc won a competitive grant for nearly $2 million from the Office of Sustainable Housing & Communities of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. These resources have been made available to the Flint Hills to provide expertise and coordination that is not normally available to help advance local goals and address local priorities at no cost to the communities. There is no predetermined outcome specified for this funding – you determine what will strengthen your community!

Read the post-acceptance Press Release.

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