State Broadband Initiatives

The State Broadband Initiative (SBI) can help communities develop the much needed "last mile" of infrastructure to support a 21st Century Economy.

About the Plan

The Flint Hills Frontiers project is a regional plan for the 19 country region that encompasses the Flint Hills ecoregion. This plan considers issues from preserving the natural environment to improving mobility within the region to increasing employment. The plan is driven by public involvement and is focused on accomplishing the community’s vision.

Vision and Goals

Read the regional vision for the Flint Hills and learn about the common goals for our region.

Community Toolbox

Explore the Toolbox of solutions and find tools that will help your community acheive its goals.

Regional Trends

Learn about the trends and forces that are shaping our region.

Flint Hills Frontiers

Regional Plan for Sustainable Development

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